TYPE-MOON Fes Announcements

Day 1:

Source: https://twitter.com/humanity6

Realta Nua for the PS Vita. ufotable doing the opening animation.
Fate/Extra sound drama series, winter 2012.
Tsuki no Sango manga, by Sasaki Shounen.
Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin movie.
Fate/Apocrypha winter 2012.
New light novel, “Fire Girl,” by Hoshizora Meteo.
Tsukihime remake PV. Ciel’s character design has changed.

Update and more details on day 1:

Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/humanity6/archives/51846376.html

  • Mirai Fukuin not officially announced as a movie, only as an anime adaption. However, the Kara no Kyoukai movie logo was used, so it was assumed to be a movie. Also, the end of the PV featured a line that read 「未来福音・序」, which reads Mirai Fukuin:Jyo, which means Part 1.
  • The Tsuki no Sango manga is already up here.
  • Fate/Apocrypha written by Higashide Yuuichiro, winter 2012. Features 14 servants–7 red servants vs. 7 black servants. The story will be centered around Jeanne.
  • Tsukihime PV: “Sacchin was the first character to appear. Didn’t think the design changed that much. Akiha’s outfit changed a little. Arcrueid’s hair and general features seem to be similar to those of the princess in Tsuki no Sango. She also now has a mini-skirt, instead of a long-skirt. Ciel was the character that changed the most. For an instant she looked like a different character. Her hair is a little longer and she looks ‘cuter.’ The PV felt like it was something that was built up for 10 years. The animation company was not clear, but had moments where it felt like ufotable, and moments where it didn’t. At the end of the PV, the text “to the next 10 years!” was shown.”

Day 2 tweets:

Prisma Illya anime produced by Silver Link, 2013.
“In the Fate/Apocrypha PV, there was a line where Jeanne said “In the name of Jeanne d’Arc, I command you, fourteen servants.” Not clear if she is just saying this because of who she used to be, or if she has Command Seals.”

Post anything else you want me to translate in comments.

12 thoughts on “TYPE-MOON Fes Announcements

    • Literal translation:

      “Whether it is a physical body or a spirital body, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception have effect. To Shiki, as long as the target is recognized as “living (life that is not Life),” she can see the lines of death. For example, the ghosts in Fukan Fuukei were dead, but in the moments where they intervene with the present world, they are “living.”

      Or, when [Shiki] was beaten by the Buddha’s ashes (dictionary definition for 仏舎利, idk the KnK term) that Araya buried, that was because that was an enlightened person that was “living while entering nirvana.” To kill using the death lines, rather than the concept of normal death, one must be able to understand and decipher the advanced “death lines.” But if instead of doing that, one accidentally \unreadable\, one will quickly be reduced to ash, much to the sadness of one’s bones. It’s like if you have enough free time to be using the zaki spells (dragon quest reference), you should be leveling up and crushing stuff with physics.”

      I couldn’t read the kanji at the end of the second to last line because it was too blurry.
      I can translate it, but don’t ask me to explain what it means. Nasu being Nasu.

    • The guy’s tweet said “シエル先輩が結構ビジュアルかわってた,” which translates literally to “Ciel-senpai’s visuals have changed quite a bit.” That’s all I know.

    • [一問一答]綺礼さんの経歴詳細1→父・璃正の元で十代の頃から代行者見習いとして修練を積む。22歳で神学校に進む。 同年、見習いから単身での実働に耐えうる代行者として二度目の洗礼を受ける。
      [Answering question by question] Kirei-san’s personal history details 1 -> On the suggestion of his father Risei, he built up a lot of training as an agent’s apprentice during his teens. At age 22, he continued on to theological school. That same year, he was baptized for the second time, this time as a full fledged agent enduring actual work, unaided by an apprentenceship.

      [一問一答]綺礼さんの経歴詳細2→しかし、ある異端審問のおり妻を娶ったため、神学校を自己退職。正式な司祭職への道 を断念する。妻の死語、第八秘蹟回に籍を置き、代行者としての修練に専念。28歳の時、父・璃正を失い、非 公式ではあるが司祭職を与えられた。
      [Answering question by question] Kirei-san’s personal history details 2 -> However, in order to marry a certain Inquisition’s woman, he retired from theological school. He abandoned the road of becoming a formal priest. He became a member of his wife’s dead language, the eighth sacrament, and immersed himself in becoming an agent. At 28, he lost his father Risei, and was made a priest in a sad, formal ceremony.

      [一問一答]綺礼の奥さん→奥さんはアルビノで、免疫機能が欠如した人でした。なので些細な傷でも死に繋がるし、体もボ ロボロでした。カレンに受け継がれたのは”病魔に憑かれやすい”という在り方。神の試練ですな ー。
      [Answering question by question] Kirei’s wife -> Because his wife was an albino, she had a deficient immune system. Therefore, even the slightest injury could be deadly, and she her body was a mess. This way of living, “easily possessed by the demon of illness,” was passed on to Karen. A test of God.

      [一問一答]綺礼は魔術師の家じゃないけどたまたま魔術回路を持ってたの?カレンにもあるの?1→魔術回路ですが、これ は一般人にも稀に持って生まれる人がいます。
      [Answering question by question] Does Kirei have magic circuits, even though he does not come from a family of magicians? Does Karen have them too? 1 –> Regarding magic circuits, even normal people are sometimes born with them, rarely.

      [一問一答]成長が過ぎてからの極端な身長の伸びと魔術の使用には何らかの相関性があるの?→夢もロマンもない話をする と、僕にも分からないのである。
      [Answering question by question] Is there any correlation between using black magic and growing up to having an extreme body? –> Speaking without being a dreamer or romantic, I have no idea.

    • Day 2 is over now and this guy hasn’t posted any more relevant tweets, so probably nothing huge. But I’m waiting for his longer report on the second day.

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